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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Jul 14, 2012 4:37pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Just as an example of how many public domain shows aren't on here...

This is an incomplete list of late-1940s series with at least one surviving episode from either 1948 or 1949....that haven't been uploaded here. At least 90% of these series are public domain. The list excludes series that have any episodes uploaded to here, even if those episodes are from a later year.

"Eye Witness" (one of the very oldest surviving kinescope recordings) (NBC)
"Kraft Television Theatre" (NBC)
"Stop Me If You've Heard this One" (NBC)
"Theatre Guild Plays" (NBC)
"The Swift Show" (NBC)
"Photographic Horizons" (WABD-TV)
"Swing Into Sports" (DuMont?)
"Chevrolet on Broadway" (NBC)
"Lucky Pup" (CBS)
"The Bigelow Show" (NBC) (do not confuse with early 1950s series "Bigelow Theater", also public domain)
"Welcome Aboard" (NBC)
"People's Platform" (CBS)
"Channel Zero" (WPIX-TV)
"Operation Success" (DuMont)
"Champagne and Orchids" (DuMont)
"The Growing Paynes" (DuMont)
"Front Row Center" (DuMont)
"Yer Ole Buddy" (KTLA-TV)
"Going places with Uncle George" (syndicated? Not 100% sure if this is PD)
"Starlight Time" (NBC)
"NBC Opera Theatre" (NBC)
"Actors Studio" (ABC)
"Americana" (NBC)
"Window on the World" (DuMont)
"Who Said That" (NBC)
"Kukla, Fran & Ollie" (NBC)
"NBC Repertory Theatre" (NBC)
"Crusade in Europe" (ABC....not 100% sure if this is PD)
"Flight to Rhythm" (DuMont)
"The Black Robe" (NBC)
"The Gulf Road Show starring Bob Smith" (NBC)
"Sunday at Home" (NBC)
"The Ted Steele Show" (DuMont)
"Mary Kay and Johnny" (NBC*)
"Garroway at Large" (NBC)
"Broadway Spotlight" (NBC)
"One Man's Family" (NBC)
"Let There Be Stars" (ABC)
"Fireball Fun-for-all" (NBC)
"Arch Oboler’s comedy theatre" (ABC)
"Chevrolet Tele-Theatre" (NBC)
"Photo-play Time" (ABC)
"Break the Bank" (NBC)
"The Front Page" (CBS)
"Inside U.S.A. with Chevrolet" (CBS)
"Mysteries of Chinatown" (ABC)
"Mohawk Showroom" (NBC)

*The surviving episode is from NBC, but the series had previously aired on CBS and DuMont